Training Services

  • Tailored Public Relations Training Package
  • Coaching and Support

Tailored Public Relations training package

CLR Training ServicesThe Training

The CLR training programme aims to provide you with some in house communications expertise. I can train a member of your team on working with the media.  The training will cover:

  • What is Public Relations?
  • The key components of Public Relations
  • Working to produce a PR plan
  • Developing your organisation's story and the stories you can offer


At the end of the programme your team member will understand:

  • What they need to think about when approaching the media to publicise your organisation
  • How to write a press release
  • What to cover when speaking to the media

In addition at the end of the programme your organisation will have a PR toolkit which will include:

  • A tailored annual PR plan
  • Local media contact list
  • Case study and photography consent form

Following the training I suggest a small retainer consultancy fee each month so your trained staff member has access to support and advice.


Coaching and support

CLR Coaching ServicesMany companies or charities want to raise their profile in the local area or reach a particular group of people without spending a lot of money on marketing or advertising. However many do not have the resources for a long term contract with a PR consultant.  I can help you by offering a selection of bite size services, to help you raise your profile but keep your costs down. 

Ideas session – Often the best ideas for publicising your work come from your own team.  They just need the environment and encouragement for sharing them.  I can facilitate an ideas session that will provide you with a wealth of story ideas and ways to publicise your work.

PR Coaching – In many businesses and charities approaching the media and marketing your organisation is part of someone’s role.  I can offer a one off coaching session to look through ideas and plans or an ongoing support function of a few hours a month where we can come up with fresh ideas, address challenges or look at longer term plans.

Workshops – Often it is just one element of sharing your organisation’s story that people need support with or they want to learn one thing at a time.  I can offer one to one workshops on a variety of subjects including: Approaching the media and finding stories that will interest them, Writing for the media and Defining your organisation’s story.